Matilda Dackevall
Product and Brand Design
Full portfolio is sent upon request.

Hej! 👋 I’m an independent, collaborative designer. I work directly with brands and organisations from identification to creation of digital products, services and engaging experiences.

I've been consulting independently for the last 3 years after more than 5 years in studios; working with leading clients such as ESPN, Samsung, New Era, Farfetch, Chelsea FC, L’Oreal and Heineken et al. I work remotely and/or on location with current clients based in San Francisco, London, Stockholm, Berlin and Hamburg.

From first point of discovery, to market-ready product launches and continued growth, my design services includes:

- Experience Mapping and Customer Journeys
- Product Ideation and Visualisation
- Rapid Prototyping and Testing
- Cross-Platform Design
- Creative Direction

Please visit my linkedin profile for a complete bio.

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