Designer with 8+ years of experience working across the UK, US and European markets

Hej, I'm Matilda. I design and create brands, products and digital experiences. For the last three years I’ve been consulting independently for early stage startups (The Relish), established businesses (One Medical, Yelp) and venture development firms (Prehype) et al.


Visualising early, testing and iterating quickly

42% of startups die because they work on products with no market need. Collaboratively we can test desirability, and uncover technical costs earlier in the process through visualisation, user testing and prototyping to validate your market opportunity and find your minimum viable product.


Capture and engage with micro and macro moments

All customer touchpoints are important to your business, especially for digital services. I design end-to-end experiences through embracing the complete customer journey. From onboarding new audiences, to completing final purchases; I look out for moments of engagement.

How can we work together?

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Let’s figure out what matters. A professional pitch deck or landing page to evaluate buzz and market interest. A product visualisation or prototype to test your ideas on your audience.

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Planning new features? I’m always happy to work with existing platforms to ideate and build out new features. Designed to slot right in to your ecosystem and customer base.

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Visual Direction

Your brand is more than just a logo. Every touchpoint your user will have is an opportunity to connect with real people. Do so with the tone and style that speaks to them.

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Audits & Testing

Need to rethink your user journey but not sure where to start? An external audit uncovers where your experiences are successfull, where they fail, and can reveal new moments of opportunity.

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Launch & Ship

Need a design partner for launch? No matter which stage you’re at I can help you go from ideation to production ready design. Long-term collaboration or just a design sprint? I work with clients on ongoing developement but I’ve also redesigned a booking platform in under 35 days, and a broadcasting app and brand in under 25 days.

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How do we kickoff?


We talk about what you’re building, why you're doing it, and whether we’re a good fit.


I outline a project proposal; including timings and milestones to make sure we can meet your goals.


We can work together short to long term, part to fulltime, on to offsite, depending on the contract.


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Client Experience


The Relish






One Medical

et al.







Land Rover

Western Union

et al.

Notable Projects

Case Studies

Full portfolio is sent upon request

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About Me

My name is Matilda, I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve since then lived and worked with agencies and clients all over Europe and the US after graduating Hyper Island’s Creative Business School in 2011. Read my full resume on LinkedIn.

As a designer, I’m most inspired when working on fresh ideas and new perspectives, preferably at the intersection between people, tech and business.

Lectures & Workshops

Looking for a speaker? I’ve held guest lectures at Spiced Coding Academy in Berlin, OFFF Festival in Barcelona and Hyper Island’s Creative Business School in Karlskrona; and am always happy to speak about design thinking and personal methods.